Thursday, March 10, 2005

IT: Colocation: Quest for the Holy... anything?

So today I've spent a good amount of time researching colocation facilities. It's not like the golden days of the .COM bubble, man these suckers look like they are just scraping by. Not only that, but good luck finding a strongly-rated colocation facility. Compared are Alentus, Hurricane Electric, BurstNET. Technically Alentus isn't a real CoLoc, since you can't put your own hardware in. Don't expect much out of epinions or bizrate, either - at best you're only getting hosting reviews, not colocation reviews. Notably excepted is Hurricane Electric, which received a mere 5 reviews, and spotty at that.

Where oh where is Exodus now? "Savvis" can blow me. Any hosting service whose own website doesn't work right is enormously suspect. I mean come on. If you can't link to your own pages properly, how can you be expected to host a mission critical server? SecureWebs suffers from this as well. Maybe their Athlons are overheating? :)


I just received a call from a business partner asking if I'd read my email. No. Because I haven't received it. Evidently, POP3 isn't retrieving it properly - have to use the webclient. It's an epidemic, I tell you! -1 point

Negative endorsement list:


Positive endorsement list:

Alentus: kick-fucking-ass tech support helpful support, and cheaper prices than Alentus


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